Kinoton Cine Perfect - Online Monitoring

The Web-based Kinoton Remote Service (KRS) lets you check the status of connected D-Cinema devices in your projection booths - anytime and from anywhere.

The online "MyCinemas" monitoring tool shows an overview of the most important parameters of your devices, such as lamp operating hours, the temperatures of critical components of D-Cinema projectors, and the status of the D-Cinema server’s hard disks. Even basic device information such as the latest firmware and software versions of the devices is displayed.

To access this information data online, all you have to do is register at the "" online portal and receive your personal password. The KRS Box at your theatre also has to be reconfigured once by a Kinoton service engineer. You can then use the Web interface to pick the auditoriums you want to monitor online and assign privileges to other persons for accessing this status information. You can change these access rights for your projectionists or technical staff whenever you like.

"MyCinemas" is always up to date, displaying the momentary technical situation in each projection room. The monitoring tool intermittently polls the current values of all connected devices and transfers the data almost in real time to the Kinoton Remote Service Server for display on the “MyCinemas” service portal. In the unlikely event of a malfunction or failure, the connected devices also report this to the monitoring tool.
In case of a malfunction, you can then immediately alert your local Kinoton service partner, who initiates troubleshooting—also via the KRS Box. The new online service lets you detect and nip budding problems, such as an aging lamp or a soiled fan that is causing an excessive rise in temperature.

You can access "MyCinemas" via virtually any Web-enabled device or the local Web interface of the KRS Box in your local theatre network. As a result, you and your technical staff can check the status of your projection equipment anytime from anywhere. "MyCinemas" supports projectors of the DCP and DP series, as well as many other established D-Cinema server models such as those from Dolby and Doremi. Kinoton is constantly extending the range of devices that can be checked via the online monitoring tool. On request, the new service can even be adapted to include client-specific devices in the projection booth. Kinoton is also planning to launch an automatic warning message service that reports possible problems to a designated member of your technical staff or your Kinoton service partner.