Kinoton TMS - Software

The Kinoton TMS Software combines into one single product ergonomics, ease of use, reliability, multilanguage interface and many intelligent features which make the daily cinema's management simple.

With the Kinoton TMS software you can monitor all auditoriums, create, edit and delete playlists, for example. Furthermore you can schedule shows, manually start, stop and pause a show. With another module you can manage and transfer KDMs.

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Supervision: Status & Control

  • Status view for all connected screens
  • Progress monitoring of running & scheduled shows
  • Hardware alerts (RAID, projector's connection)
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Supervision: Screen Control

  • Screen control / monitoring
  • Show control (play, pause, stop…)
  • Live video from IP cameras
  • Intermission Management (program, interrupt...)
  • Macro execution (server macros)
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Playlists: Playlist Manager

  • Centralized management of playlists and content
  • Playlist creation & editing
  • Pack functionality
  • Automatic import of advertising sub-playlists
  • On-the-fly integrity check of DCPs
  • Check of interdependencies between DCPs
  • KDM validity verification
  • Locating content
  • Content search / filtering function
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Suppression: Content Management

  • Centralized content management
  • Content deletion
  • Discovering content issues
  • Filtering: KDM status, validity, idle content, etc.
  • Content properties
  • Archiving content
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Scheduler: Show Scheduling

  • Weekly calendar view
  • Show status color coded (content missing, invalid or missing KDM...)
  • Automatic transfer of scheduled playlists
  • Automatic transfer of missing content
  • Show assignment per day or week
  • Duplication of schedules by days
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Transfer: Content Distribution

  • Scheduled transfers
  • Progress bar for transmission status
  • Content search / filtering function
  • Automatic transfer of missing content
  • Automatic transfer of interdependent content (DCP Original Version (OV), Version Files (VF))
  • No limitation for scheduled transfers
  • Content integrity check
  • Manual transfer of shows, DCPs
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KDM Management

  • Color coded KDM status (valid, to expire, expired…)
  • Automatic transfer of valid KDMs to associated servers
  • Manual transfer of valid KDMs to associated servers
  • Automatic or manual deletion of non-valid or expired KDM
  • KDM filtering by location and keyword
  • KDM Ingest via Email account or ftp
  • KDM archive
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Web: KRS Monitoring*

  • Seamless integration of KRS device monitoring into TMS GUI
  • Status information by screen
  • KRS web interface
  • Local KRS management

    *Requires one installed KRS Box per screen
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Report Module: Log file filtering & export

  • Collection and Storage of servers SMPTE logs (only supported by Doremi)
  • Automatic generation of log files