Kinoton Theatre Management Systems

Cinema as simple as never before!

The Theatre Management solutions from Kinoton are designed for the content and playout management of cinemas of any size. They systems can be customized and upgraded according to requirements of the operator. And they offer many possibilities beyond the typical TMS functions.

With a Kinoton TMS system...

...routine tasks are reduced to a minimum, for example:

- Centralized automated playlist creation

- Automated import of schedule from your POS system

- Automated import and management of commercials

This provides the team a valuable time relief, increases efficiency and opens up opportunities for costs reductions. might get better access to commercial advertising. This ensures you additional income! can easily convert your own preshow content, e.g. local advertising, from various file formats into a standard DCP and play it out directly as part of the playlist. This opens up opportunities for additional house marketing on your screens! have a central content library with RAID protection that saves you the effort of repeated film acquisition!

...the content ingest is carried out quickly and conveniently directly on the TMS system. This saves you valuable time for the otherwise necessary decentralised ingest at the D-Cinema server!

... and much more.

Cinema can be that simple!