D-Cinema Accessories

Our reliable and user-friendly auxiliary equipment for D-Cinema facilitates the integration of DCP Digital Cinema Projectors into the existing film projection environment.

Various image scaler models, suitable for different requirements, ensure that alternative content fed to the DCP Projectors, like videos or TV broadcast, can be projected with optimum picture quality.


Convert different video signals into the perfect input signals for DCP Digital Cinema Projectors – ideal for showing alternative content!

» DMS DC1 Digital Cinema Scaler
HDCP-compliant professional scaler

» DMS DC1 PLUS Digital Cinema Scaler
HDCP-compliant professional scaler with LC-Display

» DMS DC2 PRO Digital Cinema Scaler
HDCP-compliant high-end scaler for postproduction-grade image processing

Kinoton Remote Service Box (KRS Box)

The KRS Box provides a secure access to the Kinoton Remote Service Server.

It is completely pre-installed and configured, facilitating the integration of the customer D-Cinema system into the Remote Service System and reducing the time needed for installation.

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