Traumpalast Esslingen – European premiere for the cinema of the future

The sensation of the year is not a new blockbuster, but a technological revolution for the cinema hall: after successful premieres in Asia and the USA, Kinoton is now bringing the first Samsung ONYX Cinema LED Screen to the EU. The Cinema LED Screen is celebrating its German premiere at the Traumpalast multiplex in Esslingen near Stuttgart.Thanks to Samsung’s LED technology, moviegoers can now look forward to a fascinating visual experience with stunningly realistic and bright images.

The Cinema LED Screen is coming to cinemas all over the world. And from July 5th, 2018, German cineastes will also be able to enjoy the new technology. The first Cinema LED Screen in Germany will be on display at the Traumpalast in Esslingen, on July 4th for the press and industry participants, and from July 5th on for the general public.

Dreamlike cinema experience  - a black night truly becomes black

The image of the Cinema LED Screen is composed of 26 million light-emitting diodes, which create just under 9 million pixels to form the image. This corresponds to a 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels on an area of 10.3 by 5.4 meters. Content playback is supported in the two common cinema formats, 'Flat' and 'Scope'. The Cinema LED Screen offers a ten times higher brighter than most cinema projectors with a peak light intensity of up to 146 Foot Lambert. Equally important, black becomes true black on the LED screen. Due to the absence of stray light reflections, for the first time the moviegoer is immersed by the film and not distracted. Bright, clear white and deep black are the cornerstones for a perfect picture. In between, and just as essential for lifelike reproduction, the system offers a very wide color spectrum. Color accuracy and color reproduction in cinema is 100 percent accurate, regardless of brightness. With HDR content and its expanded color space, the Cinema LED Screen is able to make an incredible amount of detail visible and offers the depth of 3D images without the need for 3D glasses.

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