Pure Listening Enjoying in the Cologne Cinedom: Kinoton Installs High-End Sound Systems

Photo: Cinedom in Cologne

Kinoton has installed state-of-the-art premium audio systems based on Dolby Surround 7.1 to enable vivid, impactful sound reproduction in two auditoriums of the Cinedom in Cologne. Both had already been equipped with 4K dual projection systems (on which we reported). Kinoton, drawing on its decades of experience in planning and installing audio systems, supplied all of the high-end components and sound processors. The company’s experienced technicians then made sure to professionally install and optimally adjust and size all of the equipment to suit conditions in the auditoriums.

Top-notch audio quality and the ability to reproduce special sound effects join the Kinoton D-Cinema projection solutions to pamper moviegoers’ eyes and ears. The leading-edge audio systems deliver clear-as-a-bell, agreeable sound, maximum speech intelligibility, and homogeneous volume levels throughout the auditoriums.

The new high-end systems are custom-tailored solutions involving state-of-the-art loudspeakers and audio crossover and power amplification technology. The highlights are a Dolby CP750 digital sound processor, a comprehensive JBL speaker array consisting of five powerful four-way full-range systems, 24 effect speakers, and a high-wattage subwoofer system (with 6 x 1200 W). In addition, there is a network-controlled and -monitored amplification system (from Crown). Kinoton has also outfitted each of the other 12 auditoriums of the Cologne Cinedom with a Dolby CP750 sound processor.

The Cinedom in Cologne is Germany’s fifth-largest multiplex cinema, featuring a total of 14 auditoriums. While designing it, special attention was paid to giving moviegoers a real experience for their money. Besides leading-edge projection, lighting, and sound technology, this naturally also includes comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, plus a wide selection of foods and beverages for purchase.

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