Kleines Theater Geesthacht | Flagship Laser Projection

The Kleines Theater in Geesthacht has had another cinema auditorium upgraded with a high-end cinema projection system. The Hamburg branch of Kinoton office took care of the installation of a fully integrated laser-based Flagship D-Cinema projection.

With only relatively few sites equipped with high-end 6P Laser Cinema technology, this "small theatre", as it is called thus sets new standards in terms of image quality and moviegoer experience in this rural northern region of Germany.

The "6P" laser technology achieves 3D images without using any filtering in the projection and thus offers an exceptionally efficient light path for a high-quality 3D image.

This results in an enormously bright 3D image that cannot be achieved even by a dual-projection with conventional xenon light. Both 2D and 3D films can be projected in 4K resolution on the large screen with significantly more brightness and an outstanding image quality. The 6P technology results in visibly more brilliant and natural images and a very relaxed 3D viewing experience without eye-strain. In addition, the 6P 3D laser technology offers the same illumination quality of a 2D across the entire screen surface.

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