Kinoton provides high-brighness projection system to drive-in cinema Cologne

Kinoton was commissioned by the operator to renew the ageing und underdesigned xenon projection system. The task was to provide a high-intensity projection solution that would allow the client to start the outdoor screenings in the evening before nightfall and as early as possible, also during the summer, without the image becoming dim and blurred.

Kinoton used a laser-based RGB projection system from Barco with a peak brightness of almost 60,000 lumens to illuminate the 540-square-metre screen, thus bringing the projection to a substantially higher brightness and to the latest technology. In addition to the equipment supply, Kinoton took care of integrating the massive projection system into the tight space of the existing projection room.

This first drive-in cinema in the westernmost part of Germany has been constituent of the Cologne cinema landscape since its opening in 1967. Depending on the weather conditions, this may not always be an alternative to a regular auditorium, but it definitely is a wonderful experience on a warm summer evening.

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