Germany’s Only Cinema in the High Seas: Kinoton Installs D-Cinema Projection System in Heligoland

Heligoland, Germany’s only islands that aren’t in the immediate vicinity of the mainland (Photograph © Lilo Tadday -

In May 2013, Germany’s only cinema in the high seas reopened in Heligoland. The operators, Ina Martens-Rostig and Michael Becker, worked hard to restore the theatre in the Nordseehalle to life. Kinoton equipped it with a modern, operator-friendly D-Cinema projection solution and a premium sound system. This fall the projector will be made mobile so it can also be used in the building’s large auditorium for events like opera broadcasts from the Met in New York.

The technicians of Kinoton’s Northern German branch installed a type DCP 30 SX II – 2K D-Cinema projector: the ideal cost-saving solution for D-Cinema and digital cinema on smaller screens. The projector is based on projection technology supplied by Barco. The 1.2-inch 2K DLP Cinema® Series II technology from Texas Instruments guarantees highly precise color reproduction and brilliant contrast. The projector also delivers convincing image quality and is both easy and inexpensive to operate. The cinema’s operators additionally opted for a Kinoton maintenance and service contract. Regular professional system maintenance will ensure consistently high-quality pictures and sound. It will also minimize the risk of costly failures and extend the service life of the valuable equipment.

The “High Seas Cinema” project has received financial support from the Uthlande region, the town of Heligoland, and the spa administration. Without their help, it probably would have been impossible to equip the cinema as well. The theatre features 32 comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. Nachos, popcorn, cold drinks, ice cream, and candy are sold.

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