Doing Business Together for 30 Years: Muckli Cinemas Continue to Rely on Kinoton

Auditorium in Carolinenhof Kino Aurich (Photo © Astrid Muckli)

The Muckli family has depended on Kinoton for more than 30 years for equipping its theatres in Papenburg, Norden, Leer, Aurich, and Meppen in northwestern Germany. Having installed Kinoton DCS Digital Cinema Solutions in two auditoriums of the Germania Lichtspiele in Meppen and an auditorium of the Carolinenhof Kino in Aurich not long ago, Kinoton has now completely digitized the remaining nine auditoriums of both theatres. “We’re very happy with the results of fully digitizing our cinemas in Aurich and Meppen - everything is easier now,” says Astrid Muckli with satisfaction. The high-end D-Cinema projection systems - some of which have 3D capabilities - include Kinoton DCA automation systems and the Kinoton Remote Service (KRS) for performing maintenance at a distance.

Altogether, Kinoton has installed D-Cinema projection solutions in 12 auditoriums of the Germania Lichtspiele and Carolinenhof Kino. The Kinoton DCS includes the flexible Kinoton Digital Cinema Automation (DCA) system, which is now also in use in both theatres. It combines D-Cinema technology with classic auditorium functions. The projector module is all new: it can be set up to include functions like dowser and lamp control for one or two projectors. All functions can be controlled either manually using control panels in the projection booths and auditoriums or fully automatically via playlists in the D-Cinema server. In addition, all D-Cinema projection systems can be remotely maintained via the KRS for major time savings. This system makes sure that service technicians from Kinoton’s Northern German branch can get to the theatres quickly with the right tools and parts to efficiently resolve or prevent problems when there is a need. Cinema operators can also login to KRS “MyCinemas” from anywhere via the Internet to check the status of the D-Cinema equipment in their projection booths.

The Germania Lichtspiele is in Meppen, a town in the Emsland district of the German state of Lower Saxony. A contemporary-looking building with a huge glazed façade, it features seven auditoriums with seating for more than 1000. The Carolinenhof Kino, boasting five auditoriums with capacity for about 700 moviegoers, is located in a shopping center in Aurich at the heart of Germany’s East Frisia region on the North Sea.

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