Special Sound Devices for Studio Applications - Discontinued

Reverse Scan Sound Device for Studio Projectors

Whether for silver-bearing sound tracks, High Magenta or Cyan Dye sound tracks: The reverse-scan sound readers provide reliable and perfect reproduction of any 35mm sound track – analog as well as digital.

  • For playback of analog optical sound and Dolby Digital sound in first-class quality
  • All sound formats accurately read by reverse-scan method (scanning on emulsion side)
  • Superior optical sound compared to conventional methods
  • Improved frequency response at analog sound
  • Flywheel automatically disengages in shuttle mode
  • Easy film threading
  • Unique design prevents trouble with contamination and misalignment

16 mm Sound Device

Suitable for COMMAG and COMMOPT, also available with pre-amplifier in combination with delay line.

Studio Brochure

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