Feature Options

Our large palette of different optional features helps to suit our projectors to various applications and projection needs. The individual options available for each projector model are listed on the back of the respective brochure.

An overview various optional features from our product range*:

  • quick-change lens holders: 70.6 mm Ø (2-25/32 in) or 101.6 mm Ø (4 in)
  • manual 2 or 3 lens turret 70.6 mm Ø (2-25/32 in)
  • automatic 2 or 3 lens turret 70.6 mm Ø (2-25/32 in), with aperture changer
  • motorized focusing for remote control
  • motorized framing for remote control

  • Kinoton reverse scan sound device for 35 mm analog sound only (no upgrade)
  • Kinoton reverse scan sound device for 35 mm analog sound, upgradeable to Dolby Digital
  • Kinoton reverse scan sound device for 35 mm analog sound and Dolby Digital

  • lamphouse versions and Xenon units for lamps up to 7,000 W
  • film gate cooling unit (needed for bulbs above 3,000 W)

  • manual or electric dowser

  • American, European or Japanese standard spool shafts
  • friction systems for spools up to 600 m, 2000 m or 4000 m (2,000 ft / 6,500 ft / 13,300 ft)
  • mechanical friction systems
  • electronical friction systems

  • versions without spool drive for platter or spool tower operation

  • additional operating panel on the column front side
  • full remote control of projector functions
  • function check and external error message

  • short column versions of FP 30/38 projectors, top and bottom shortened columns available

Available automation systems:

  • SA 2 sequence cinema automation
  • CCA 3 cue code cinema automation
  • DMP 1 digital matrix programmer
  • EMK 1 electronic automation system

You have not found the features you are looking for? Please don't hesitate to contact us – we will be glad to design the ideal projection system for your individual need. Find out more about our Individual Solutions.


*) availability depends on projector type