Amplifier Racks

Cinemas and studios make high demands on modern sound technology. Our sound systems meet these requirements in every respect. High-quality components from well-known manufacturers ensure reliability and safety as well as first-class sound reproduction.


  • Suitable for all sound formats:
    - analog sound: Mono, DOLBY A, DOLBY SR
    - digital sound: DOLBY and DTS (SONY on request)
  • Solid 19” system cabinets, optionally with 34 RU or 43 RU
  • Project-specific arrangement of components
  • Connections for external devices like CD players, microphones, etc.
  • Racks come completely mounted and wired
  • Minimum time needed for installation
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for fully automatic program control
  • Volume remote control possible
  • Components are easily accessible for maintenance

Brochure (PDF)