KRS - Kinoton Remote Service

The Kinoton Remote Service platform is a powerful tool that minimizes the downtimes of D-Cinema systems in the unlikely event of a malfunction or failure.

An authorized service partner or the Kinoton support center can easily log into the D-Cinema system via a highly secure Internet connection. This permits rapid resolution of typical issues like incorrectly configured D-Cinema devices.

The same approach can be used to read out log files or verify system settings online. If on-site work is required, the service engineer then knows in advance what to expect. The customer has full control over this remote access at all times. State-of-the-art security features reliably guard the system against unauthorized access.

  • Trusted Kinoton KRS server platform
  • Access via the Kinoton Remote Service Box (KRS Box)
  • Minimizes downtimes
  • Early identification of upcoming technical problems
  • Online support for user applications
  • Cost-saving: in best case on-site visits are not required
  • Detailed information in advance for preparing on-site visits (problem already verified, required spares known etc.)
  • Customer has full authority about remote access by means of a user-specific Kinoton Security Key
  • Possible Remote Activities: log file analysis, status requests, Execution of test routines, Read-out of error messages, System administration, Set-up adjustment, Software and firmware updates, and more...

Kinoton Remote Service Box (KRS Box)

Sophisticated Security Features:

  • Sophisticated user and user group management for utmost customer protection
  • Encrypted connections between theatre, engineers’ laptops and Kinoton Remote Service server for highest possible protection against unauthorized access
  • State-of-the-art firewall protection
  • Secure user authentication via forgery-proof hardware key (Kinoton Security Key) prevents unauthorized access

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