Simplify Complexity: Kinoton DCA - Digital Cinema Automation

Integrating D-Cinema seamlessly with conventional auditorium functions is quite a challenge. The new modular Kinoton DCA Digital Cinema Automation ensures fast, cost-effective, all-encompassing system integration while providing the greatest possible flexibility for adding hardware and features later.

The DCA Digital Cinema Automation system quickly and securely transfers data via an advanced CAN-bus system. Cinema technology components for automation are simply connected to the Kinoton CAN-bus in any order using flexible installation modules. This makes the DCA system quick and easy to install, thus saving you a lot of time and money.

If you retrofit the DCA system, it seamlessly integrates with existing automation functions. It is also a cinch to extend the CAN-bus at any time to integrate upgraded equipment versions and enhancements. This makes the DCA system a forward-looking investment that delivers enormous value for money.


  • Perfectly automated shows
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and cost-effective installation
  • Complete integration of D-Cinema equipment with any auditorium function
  • Existing wiring at the theatre can be reused
  • Perfectly transparent to the user
  • Easy and time-saving servicing and maintenance

Scaler Module Control Panel Projection Room Control Panel Auditorium DCA Module Power Supply Remote Control Panel Auditorium Remote Fader Relay Modules Relais Module Digital Audio Module Analog CP 500 Modul AP 20 Modul CP 650 Modul CP 750 Modul Server Module D-Cinema Server 1 Modul CP 55 Audio Module D-Cinema Server 2 Modul Feueralarm/Notaus Interface Modules CP 65 Audio Module

 » Kinoton Special: "D-Cinema and Automation: Joining Two Worlds" (PDF)

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D-Cinema Automation
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