Kinoton DCS - Digital Cinema Solutions

Kinoton has served the movie industry for over 65 years, equipping countless theatres around the world. This experience has taught us what cinema professionals and operators really need: reliable, user-friendly projection equipment that ensures top picture and sound quality, backed by professional service and support.

A selection of premium D-Cinema accessories, support and service that cover all bases top off our comprehensive range for Digital Cinema applications.

Support in particular has become crucial as digital technology sweeps the industry. Servicing and maintaining the digital components of the “projection booth of the future” is a new challenge, requiring not only familiarity with conventional film technology but also IT expertise.

D-Cinema Brochure

Everything at a glance: our Digital Cinema Solutions Brochure (PDF).


3D Cinema

State of the art:
The DCP Digital Cinema Projectors are suitable for all common 3D systems.

D-Cinema Training

Keep your expert knowledge up to date! We offer practice-oriented seminars with a main focus on Digital Cinema.