For Festivals, Film Schools, Museums, Art Installations and More

Film can be much more than "just" make the cash registers of the box office ring. Showing exceptional cinematic masterpieces to an fascinated audience always is a big event, and the medium of film has always been playing a major role in art as well.

If you want to bring a magnum opus of cinema back to life or use film as an artistic design element, we can provide you with the perfect customized projection solution for your venture.

Moreover, all major film festivals in the world like to employ Kinoton as technology supplier and service provider that guarantees excellent sound and picture quality.

A few of our references in the field of film festivals, museums and arts installations:

  • International Film Festival, Cannes / France
  • Cultural Festival Estate Romana, Rom / Italy
  • Laterna Magika, Prague / Czech Republic
  • Scala alla Milano, Milan / Italy
  • Museum of Modern Art, Munich / Germany
  • Museum of Modern Art, Vienna / Austria
  • Art Installation by Rodney Graham, Canada