For Archives and Film Museums

Film is not just entertainment, but also an important part of our cultural heritage. Film archives and film museums around the world attend to the preservation of the valuable material from more than 100 years of film history.

The projection of these irreplaceable cinematic treasures sets high demands on the projector: Since the invention of moving pictures, a large variety of film, video and audio formats have been employed, as well as different projection speeds. In addition, various film materials have been in use – one need only think of combustible celluloid film. A further complication is that the films are often damaged by aging or previous improper storage.
We offer our customers individual archive film projectors that come to meet their specific needs and requirements. Maximum film preservation to protect the valuable cinematic witnesses goes without saying.

Only a few of our references in the field of film archives and film museums:

  • Federal Film Archive Potsdam / Germany 
  • Federal Film Archive Koblenz / Germany
  • Federal Film Archive and Nitrate Film Stock Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten / Germany
  • Austrian Film Museum / Austria
  • Cinemateca Brasileira / Brazil
  • Centre National de la Cinématographie / France
  • Cinémathèque Bercy / France
  • Cineteca di Bologna / Italy
  • Portuguese Cinema Museum / Portugal
  • Portuguese Cinemateque / Portugal
  • Library of Congress / USA
  • American Film Institute / USA
  • Museum of Modern Art / USA